He left the house on July 20, 2010 dressed in mountain boots and trousers, a short (Quechua) sleeved vest a grey rucksack with the black letters and a   walking stick. We know, from eye witness, that he moved in Mijas - Fuengirola and Fuengirola – Marbella public transport. This is something that he often did and returns walking home from Ojen to Mijas he didn’t have neither documentation, nor credit cards, nor mobile phone or money. (A normal thing in him when he went out in the mountains). He   prepared to go for two or three days to the mountains like he often did, but it never returned. The principal hypothesis is that he is in   mountains and we hope that is so.
The second hypothesis is that Juan Antonio suffered a mental disorder and does not now who he is. This hypothesis gives us more hopes to find him alive.


There are two things that summarize Juan Antonio life: Sport and Nature, this can be verified in his book "Guía de la Sierra de Mijas" (of which we will soon public the second edition, it is one of the Juan´s short-term projects).
-         Graduate in Physical Education Teaching (three courses in one, 2010, as well as secondary examination, he  was 9 months studying)
-         Licensed in Sciences of the Physical Activity and of the Sport. (University of Granada 2009).
-          University Expert in Activities in the Natural Way of Active Tourism. (It patrols 2008).
-         Top Technician in Physical and Sports Animation Activities. (IES Saws Mijas 2005).
-         Technical Administrative Specialist. (IFP Fuengirola 1998). Very hard-working, good student (of the best of his promotion with more than 20 Honor's Matriculations).
 The pain of hes family is great and we are going to continue fighting up to finding him, with your help and support we will obtain it.

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